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Talk to me about Elena

People like Elena Guaccero continue to live and speak to us through the works they left behind.
But they also do so through the memories of those who knew them, the thoughts of those who did not know them but would have liked to, and the emotions that their works continue to produce.
This is why we have created this space, ‘Talk to me about Elena’, so that anyone who has met her, crossed paths with her, even just seen her or felt emotions looking at her creations can, if they like, tell us something about her. We will thus add pieces to this album of ours that will evoke unusual, strange, and sweet images and memories.

My Elena

I never met Elena, and it is one of those emotions that I regret not having experienced. My relationship with her began by chance. A few months after she had passed away, I was politely asked for my opinion (as if I were Federico Zeri!) on the “little paper works” and “little wood works” she…

Beyond form

The squaring of the circle is one of the three famous geometric problems of antiquity. Dating back to the origins of geometry, it kept mathematicians busy for centuries with the aim of forming a square with the same area as the circle. The two most influential Greek philosophers in history, Plato and Aristotle, considered geometry…

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