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3D art

In 1970, Elena Guaccero returned to Italy with her family after a decade spent abroad. Another change, another city – Venice – and another home from where to start a new life. All this corresponds with a new phase of creativity. In fact, it is in Venice where she began to design and make her Pupazzi: weird and wonderful creatures borne from a combination of her fertile imagination and the rational approach of mathematical calculation.

“Venice has given me energy!” she told Paolo Rizzo.

Elena Guacceri - attrezzi per l'arte 3D

The material she chose was wood, which she worked by hand, using a small frame saw, producing a vast number of anthropomorphic creatures, bizarre animals, geometric and abstract forms. These were clearly influenced by her admiration for works by Fortunato Depero and Bruno Munari, and for the ability to experiment with a light and humorous touch. During the later years of her life, she focused on abstract forms, the wooden creatures making way for sculptures that highlighted the materials used, such as rolls of card and adhesive paper tape.

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